Facebook – Paid vs Organic


How to get your name or your business in front of all of those paying customers?

If Google and Facebook have a method of earning revenue by providing ads to help you find customers, do you think they are going to give it away free?  Organic search is free.  However, organic search takes alot of work.  Recently for the Queen of Peace Haiti Medical Mission Facebook page, I boosted a post to see what would happen.  On July 6, I started a post that was boosted that would last for three days.  Cost me $20.00.  What was the result.  On July 6, the post reached 1963 people in a tightly defined audience that I set up.  On 6 July, I received 1 new like for the page and on 7 July I received and additional 7 new likes.  Was this a result of the boosted post?  I think so, however later in the month, on 23 July I made of post of some photos of past team members.  This post went to 422 people, did not cost me a dime and the page received 5 new likes.

Does advertising on Facebook help you in getting the word out.  I would have to say yes and if you back the posting with some really high quality and steady post, your likes will grow as well.

Later I will boost another post to a completely different audience and let you know the results of the new advertising.