Gary’s Book

Every once and a while, a book comes along that talks to you about life and what life deals you. This is that kind of book.

Gary grew up like you and I, young, energetic, full of hopes and dreams, then life caught up with him. First his dad and then Gary.

This book is a short read, takes less than an hour but it is packed full of life.

But then read the book because of what Gary does not say in the book. See if you can catch that important part of the book.

Online Options

frustratedDid alot of research and training this weekend.

It was too hot to work outside much, so I stayed close to my computer and consumed alot of training and research.  I have a stack of paper that I printed for notes about four inches tall and this does not include the many pages that I saved online.

I was looking at how to set up a website that would generate additional traffic and the best way to generate and track the traffic.

The first thing that I looked at was OptimizePress.  OptimizePress is the new way to create high converting landing pages, sales pages and membership portals.  One of the ways to attract new customers and maintain them over a time period is to have a membership site.  One of the challenges of having the membership site is how to get members.  Optimize Press takes care of that by creating landing pages and sales pages.  I haven’t purchased the product yet, but did do alot of research.  If I was to purchase, I would probably choose the $297.  version for one year.  Seems reasonable to me.

The next product that I researched was Lead Pages.   According to their website, LeadPages™ Software is the world’s easiest landing page generator. It’s the easiest way to build conversion optimized & mobile responsive landing pages.  I really liked everything about LeadPages except the price, $67 a month.  You could almost get by with the landing pages in OptimizePress rather than purchase LeadPages.  One of the things that I did like about LeadPages was the fact that you can host the lead pages on their server and not add additional processing to your servers.  This may prove better in the long run.  Still looking at this.

Either one of these feature would require an email program.  I have used Mailchimp before and it is free for up to 2000 subscribers, however if you are serious about your business, I would recommend Aweber, especially for the Autoresponder capabilities.

Another system that I checked out was the PowerLeadSystem.  This system seems to bring it all together.  It is based on the OptimizePress platform in a WordPress environment, includes a lot of templates for landing and capture pages, and integrates with Aweber and has a built in autoresponder system.  Still working with this, but I think this is the one that I will be going with.

Check it out here, proven System Generates Quality Leads On Auto Pilot!

Beg, Borrow, Buy?

amazon2When it comes to getting new business, what do you mean to beg, borrow or buy?

New business leads, where do they come from?

We are talking about how to get new customers through the door.  There isn’t much difference between the brick and mortar store and an online store, if you know your audience.

Beg – for new customers – Referrals from current customers.  If you provide fantastic customer services, a great value for the amount of money charged, you don’t even have to beg.  Your customers will provide the new leads for you.  All you have to do is to follow up.  This customer is almost always ready to buy.   This is almost always free.

Borrow – In your brick and mortar store, think of this as a coop.  A group of like minded entrepreneurs together and trade customers.  If you are a carpenter, make friends with the air conditioner representative and trade customers referrals.  A great way to do business and get new customers.  This method is also free, however, you may have to adjust your prices for the market.  The customers you get from this method are already in the buying mode.

Buy – sometimes the quickest way to get new customers and also the most expensive.  Think of Google ads, Yellow Pages, Facebook Ads, local newspaper, magazine, mail-outs.  This is a great way to get your business noticed and get new customers.  For the brick and mortar store, you still have to qualify your leads.


Really, what are you going to do now?


Did you retire because you got tired of getting up every morning and really hated your job.  Then maybe retirement is the best thing for you.

What are you going to do now?

You could:

  • Travel (did you save enough money to travel in style?)
  • Give back  – work at a food bank or homeless shelter
  • Plant a vegetable garden – give the vegetables to your friends and family

Where is your passion?  What makes you get up in the morning?

  • Get a job as a greeter? Is that your passion? Do you like to talk to people? This could be the perfect job for you.
  • Get a job helping the church. The church always needs help. I am amazed at the number of volunteers it takes to run a church. Can you earn $30.00 a day. Didn’t think so.
  • Part-time job at your old company? No, they don’t use part-timers.

I have heard some people say that retiring was the worst decision they ever made in their life.  However, I believe that retirement could be the beginning of the rest of your life.  At the age of 66 I am still working a 9 to 5 job because I really enjoy getting up and going to work.  I really enjoy interacting with co-workers and help train the younger employees.  If I retired from this job, I would have to find something else to do just to stay busy and feel productive.

Make retirement the best decision that you ever make and make it the beginning of the rest of your life.

One of the things you could do is to help other people make the most of their retirement time and have fun at the same time.  One of the ways that I am helping people my age (I am 66 and retired) is to help them get money back on all of their purchases.  Check it out here.

Residual Income??

money[1]What is Residual Income and why is it important to you?

Basically residual income is income that you earn when you are not working as opposed to active income.  Active income is earnings based on you being actively involved in a profession or 9 to 5 job.  When you quit the profession or 9 to 5 job, your income also quits.

Some people think that with residual income is something that will produce money 24X7 and you do not have to put much effort into the business.  All you have to do is watch your bank account continue to increase everyday.  You will see many advertisements online that try to lure you into the next best thing.  A single search on Bing,”How to make a million dollars online” has 31, 400,000 results.

ad 3


But the residual income that I am talking about is that you have or create a business, put your time and effort into the business (just like diving), and you earn residual income.  How many times do you think Isaac went to bed dreaming about that next great dive?  We have to do the same thing for our business.

The next time that you are working on your business, think of how you can earn money, after you have closed the doors and go home.  Do you sell tires (residual income) after you go home? You do, if someone is talking about your business and the great deal and great customer service they received while they purchased the tires today.

Sales Funnel for Brick and Mortar

salesfunnelThe online Sales Funnel – there is alot of noise about how to set up an online sales funnel, but does it apply to your brick and mortar store?  How can I adjust the online funnel to my business?  Or do I have to have a different sales funnel for different conditions, for different types of businesses, does the sales funnel only apply to the “store front”.

I say yes and no and as my son (a lawyer) says “it depends”.

The online sales funnel is basically to get someone to notice you (organic or paid search)  and then offer them something free so you can start a relationship, and then move them to a customer with a low cost offer that will solve an immediate need and then move them to another higher option and then continue the relationship to help them because a long term customer.

The storefront has the same type of sales funnel.  Let’s say that you have a store that sales tires.  You get someone to notice you.  You put up a sign out front, put some tires out front by the road and as people pass by they may remember you to stop by when they need tires.  You can also have paid advertisement in the Yellow Pages (does anyone read those anymore) or take an ad in the local newspaper.  When a potential customer stops by, you start a relationship by saying “Good morning”.  You offer them a free estimate and review some of the safety features of some tires or show them the tires they are interested in purchasing.  During this exchange you should obtain their phone number, email address, and other info you need.  You have started a relationship.  If they do not purchase that day, you send them an email in a day or so and tell them if they purchase tires in the next 10 days, (or go to Facebook and like  your page), or any other offer, you will give them 10% off of their purchase.  When they come back the next time, you move them to a higher option, a better grade tire, a set up rims, nitrogen fill.  After they purchase the tires, you put them in your email list to follow up on six months for a free tire rotation.  Keep them as a long term customer.

It is the basic sales funnel that has been around for years.  I think the online community is in essence adopting the Brick and Mortar store sales funnel.

Have you thought about the sales funnel for your business or does it just happen?


Facebook – Paid vs Organic


How to get your name or your business in front of all of those paying customers?

If Google and Facebook have a method of earning revenue by providing ads to help you find customers, do you think they are going to give it away free?  Organic search is free.  However, organic search takes alot of work.  Recently for the Queen of Peace Haiti Medical Mission Facebook page, I boosted a post to see what would happen.  On July 6, I started a post that was boosted that would last for three days.  Cost me $20.00.  What was the result.  On July 6, the post reached 1963 people in a tightly defined audience that I set up.  On 6 July, I received 1 new like for the page and on 7 July I received and additional 7 new likes.  Was this a result of the boosted post?  I think so, however later in the month, on 23 July I made of post of some photos of past team members.  This post went to 422 people, did not cost me a dime and the page received 5 new likes.

Does advertising on Facebook help you in getting the word out.  I would have to say yes and if you back the posting with some really high quality and steady post, your likes will grow as well.

Later I will boost another post to a completely different audience and let you know the results of the new advertising.



Does your business need Facebook?

who do I call_copy2Why should your business have a Facebook page?  Mainly that is where your customer are and Facebook is 100% mobile.

If you only have time for one social media platform for your business, make it Facebook.

Create a page for your business, invite your friends to like your page, share the content of your day with your friends, add something of value and you will be on your way.

The above photo was taken from a Facebook post after a tree fell and damaged her house.  The homeowner did not know who to call and relied on her Facebook “friends” to help her find someone.  Don’t let this happen to your business.

Do photos really matter?


Recently on the Queen of Peace Haiti Medical Mission Facebook page, I added seven photos to a photo album simply because I wanted more photos to use when I was doing a post.  An amazing thing happened.  Normally, when I do a post, the reach is somewhere between 20 – 40 people.  My recent post about Sandcastle of Life, reached 45 people.  I also made a post and “boosted” the post for three days at a cost of $19.98 and it reached over 3500 people.

However, the post with the photos reached over 400 people, organically.  No advertising, no boosting.  Just good honest people reviewing and sharing and most of all commenting on the photo.

Include photos with all of your post and upload photos to your Facebook page that are related to your business.